Reminder: It is illegal to throw cigarette butts on the ground!

*Mic check 1, 2…mic check*

Can everyone hear me?

Ok, listen up.

This weekend, I was driving behind a woman smoking a cigarette in her car. She was taking puffs and ashing out the window. Then she threw her cigarette butt out the window.

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Seriously. Can we PLEASE stop doing this?

When you throw your cigarette butt on the ground or out the car window, it is LITTERING!!!

Did you know that you can be fined or given a big ticket for littering if you chuck your cig butt on the ground? Truth.

Please don’t misunderstand me – I do not have an issue with people smoking. To each their own. Or maybe they’re struggling to quit. There are many reasons people smoke – I get it. Again, my issue is not with smoking.

My issue is with littering!!

Especially the kind of littering that continues to remain burning once you’ve driven away!

Answer me this: would you throw a coffee cup out of your car window while driving? (I hope you answered no to that). So then why would you throw a cigarette butt out the window???

Cigarette butt litter is the most prevalent form of litter on earth!

Listen, I love planet earth. Its my home and I like to keep my home clean (well, somewhat clean, haha). I know you do too. So let’s make an effort to stop littering!

Pass this along if you feel it’s worth it.

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