Weekly Survey: What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen at a concert for festival?

I’m just back from the wonderful LIfe in Beautiful Festival, a music event that takes over 18 square blocks of downtown Las Vegas for a long weekend each September. And like all festivals, it attracts some interesting human specimens.

For example, I witnessed some poor sod puking his brains out into a garbage can. Maybe it was the heat (38 degrees), the alcohol (there was no shortage of that), or perhaps some bad food/drugs. Whatever the case, this dude had the wherewithal to pull out a cell phone to shoot a selfie as he vomited. What he planned to do with this photo and/or video, I have no idea.

That spectacle ranked second to the absolute weirdest thing I ever witness. Whilst tromping through the rain, mud and the debris at Woodstock ’94, I chanced upon a man wearing nothing but a diaper.

I couldn’t help myself. “Why are you wearing that?” I asked.

“SO I CAN DRINK UNTIL I PISS MYSELF AND STILL KEEP ON DRINKING!” he bellowed. His girlfriend just laughed.


So here’s the week’s survey question: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a concert or music festival?

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