Tommy Wiseau stars in 'The Dark Knight' interrogation scene !

Remember back a few months ago when the “superstar” of The Room and The Disaster Artist Tommy Wiseau released his audition tape in a campaign to become The Joker? Let’s refresh your memory…

And it was actually quite creepy and slightly disturbing. And we honestly thought it would probably end there, right? WRONG!

Wiseau is celebrating the release of his new movie Best F(r)iends Volume 1 by returning to the role he “was born to play” (clearly).

After the HUGE success of his Joker audition tape, his friends at Nerdist are helping him continue his campaign to play the “Clown Prince of Crime” by featuring Wiseau in a mind-blowing and disturbing at times recreation of the most iconic scene in The Dark Knight.

Watch below for yourself!

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