Kanye West jumps on table at Detroit College, rants about Elon Musk

WATCH: Kanye West visited the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, on Oct. 2 and pleaded with students to leave Tesla CEO Elon Musk alone.

WARNING: This story contains explicit language

Kanye West stopped by Detroit’s College for Creative Studies on Oct. 3, posting videos of himself touring the space and looking at student projects.

While visiting the college, West jumped on a table to share his thoughts on Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is facing serious allegations of securities fraud.

“Elon Musk? I don’t care who’s over at his house, leave that man the f*ck alone,” the I Love It rapper told students at the college. “Leave that man the f*ck alone.”

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West makes reference to the recent Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against Musk for alleged securities fraud concerning a tweet that he posted in August, claiming he had secured funding to take the company private.

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The SEC claims that — and other public comments from Musk — were either false or misleading. Tesla and Musk settled with the feds, with Musk agreeing to step down as Tesla chairman while hanging on as CEO.

He must also pay a $20 million civil penalty for the “misleading” claims.

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West’s mention of Musk’s house is likely a reference to Azealia Banks who claimed she was inside Musk’s home to work on a joint record with Grimes, who was dating Musk at the time.

Banks claimed that the collaboration with Grimes was delayed because the Canadian musician was too busy comforting Musk, who was allegedly upset about his tweet announcing the privatization of his company.

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West documented his visit to the Detroit school on social media.

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West’s visit to the college follows his appearance on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, during which he discussed his support of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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The Fade rapper also made headlines for a tweet which he posted Sunday, calling for the 13th Amendment to be abolished.

On Monday, the Ye rapper clarified what he was trying to say in the tweet to Harvey Levin on TMZ Live.

West explained his intentions saying, “Abolish was the wrong language.”

He continued: “I misspoke by saying abolish. Amend is the right language … What’s beautiful about our constitution is we can amend it.”

He went on to explain that he was referring to what’s called the 13th Amendment’s “exception clause” — which allows forced labour to continue inside America’s prisons.

“There’s people getting paid eight cents a week working for companies that are privately owned,” he continued. “A lot of them are first-time offenders. A lot of them are non-violent crimes. And then also, we’re not dealing with the mental health and the therapy, because I’m gonna say that, I stand on the majority of people that are in prison are there due to a reaction to a situation that they are in.”

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West also discussed that he’s trying to set up a meeting between Colin Kaepernick and Trump.

“I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so I can bring Colin to the White House and we can remove that ‘son’s of b*tches’ statement. We can be on the same page.”

West said he believed dialogue could help.

“We keep having the conversation until the conversation turns to love,” he said. “We can be on the same page.”

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On Oct. 3, West tweeted “reaching out to Colin Kaepernick. I would like you to speak with the president to tell him your experience directly. Let’s have a dialogue not a diatribe.”

As of this writing, Kaepernick still has yet to respond to the request.

Last September, Trump criticized NFL players at a rally in Alabama for kneeling in solidarity to combat police violence against African-Americans.

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“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b*tch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired,’” Trump said at the rally.

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