Teaser trailer for live action 'The Lion King' will give you ALL THE FEELS

At first, I felt a little so-so on the announcement the announcement of a live action Disney version of the Lion King.

Then the cast was announced: Donald Glover as Simba, Beyonce as Nala, Seth Rogan and Bill Eichner as Timon and Pumba, John Oliver as Zazu and OF COURSE James Earl Jones reprising his voice for Mufasa (because Disney would be CRAZY to cast anyone else).  Alright, a little more pumped.

But yesterday, Disney released the official teaser trailer for the movie and I officially have ALL THE FEELS!

I am pumped and ready for July 19th 2019.

You can pumped up with me by watching the teaser below.  James Earl Jones….thanks for the goosebumps.

Samantha Payne – Producer for Fresh Mornings 

Instagram : @samontheradio


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