Video of dancing worker at Toronto Pearson International Airport goes viral

Jahmaul Allen guides airplanes while busting a move and his latest dance sequence has gone viral. Kamil Karamali has that story.

Jahmaul Allen’s moves at the Toronto Pearson International Airport apron have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, after an airline passenger recorded him dancing while doing his job as a ramp agent.

“Honestly, I just love what I do,” said Allen.

“I love aviation and I love making passengers happy.”

The 28-year-old said he’s been guiding American Airlines aircrafts to their appropriate gates for three years — and adds that he tries to bring a positive attitude to the job whenever he can.

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“I would say I do it every now and then, whenever I feel like the mood to dance and whenever I want to make someone happy on the plane,” Allen said.

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He said the dance he was doing on Sunday was because he saw a baby on the plane and was trying to entertain her.

The video was initially recorded and uploaded to Instagram by @ekaterina_irko, but it went viral when it was posted to a popular entertainment page called @6ixbuzz on the same social media app. With that posting, it was then shared with the page’s 725,000 followers.

“Honestly, I was ecstatic,” said Allen. “I was shocked; I didn’t know it was going to be that big. I’m happy and thankful it went that far — it’s a blessing, to be honest with you.”

Allen adds that even though he’s busting a move on the tarmac, he’s still doing his job of guiding the plane. Pilots, he said, are never confused by his dancing.

“The flight has a perfect path,” said Allen. “It knows where it’s going, it knows where it’s going to be parked and it’s not being interrupted whatsoever from my dance moves.”

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