Wait, what did Grover just say on Sesame Street?

It’s Yanny and Laurel all over again but this time with Grover from Sesame Street.


Remember the voice clip from earlier in the year that blew up on social media? What do you hear, Yanny or Laurel?

*Back to the present*

Now that I jogged your memory, there’s a new version of this from Sesame Street.

A person on Twitter took a video of Grover talking to Rosita. He says it sounds a lot like Grover is saying, “That’s a f***king excellent idea!”

Others are saying they hear, “That sounds like an excellent idea!”

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What do you hear?

I heard the “F” bomb!!! But hold on. If you did as well, try this. Read the line, “That sounds like an excellent idea!” while listening to the video….now what do you hear?

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You now hear “That sounds like an excellent idea!”


Do you hear both or just one?

A lot of people are having fun about this on Twitter!

Whatever you hear, Sesame Street should now change Grover’s Superhero name to “Super “F***king” Grover!

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