'Bird Box' Reviews from actual birds is BETTER than the movie!

Whether or not you’ve seen the actual movie, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Netflix movie ‘Bird Box’, seen the memes, perhaps even heard about the ‘Bird Box’ Challenge that Netflix is warning viewers to be careful with.

I finally watched the movie. I would say it was ‘okay’. It left me wanting a bit more in the end and I definitely wouldn’t call it the “scariest movie”. Far from it. But if you need a good Friday night movie to enjoy with your pizza (or perhaps not, some of the deaths are a little graphic. It’s Rated R for a good reason), it’s worth a watch.

HOWEVER, after watching the movie, I think I found something that has made me enjoy the movie more than I did.

May I present to you…. “Birds Review Bird Box”. You’re welcome.

Samantha Payne – Producer for Fresh Mornings 

Instagram : @samontheradio


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