Scott Thompson: Justin Trudeau can mediate but he can't make the call

When one promises to deliver everything in order to make people happy, one usually ends up delivering nothing, making most people mad.

Canada may finally be realizing this about our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

When the Truth and Reconciliation Report came out, he promised Indigenous communities that he would honour all the recommendations it contained.

‘There’s still plenty of work to be done’: Trudeau faces more questions on Indigenous rights, pipelines during B.C. visit

It’s an impossible task no prime minister has been able to do, although many have tried in their own way.

When Trudeau was elected, he promised he was the last leader to do so under the current election structure. That never happened, or either way, no one cared.

He promised he would get pipelines built to move Canada’s natural resources to market.

Instead, he bought the Trans Mountain project for us and still can’t get it built.

WATCH: Prime Minister greeted by protesters in Kamloops

And here we are again. This time it’s the Coastal GasLink pipeline project, which transports natural gas to world markets off the west coast.

Like the stalled Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would do with oil, it’s all meant to help countries like China get off the biggest polluter — coal.

‘Be a man!’: Indigenous protesters assail Justin Trudeau at B.C. town hall

Oddly enough, beautiful British Columbia is home to the largest coal port in all of North America. In 2017, B.C. shipped more than $900 million worth of coal to the heaviest polluter, China — the very country the world is trying to clean up.

Instead of action, we have more protests and indecision, while the prime minister only offers hope, smiles and selfies.

Yes, you have to listen to and be respectful of both sides of a debate, but then you have to make a call.

Something the prime minister doesn’t seem to have the courage to do, other than with weed.

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML​.


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