Official GOT Season8 teaser trailer AND release date ARE HERE!!!

Oh my god. Oh my god. OHMYGOD!!

Finally, after waiting as long as it felt it took for Winter to Come on the show, we have an official teaser AND a release date for the the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones.

And after watching this trailer, I can say, 100% without a doubt, there is absolutely no way this show is ever going to end on a happy note for anyone. That may sound naive but I think everyone has their favourite character they are rooting for and hoped would escape with some happiness.

I’m here to tell you no, it will never happen.

So sit down, relax, watch the teaser and bask in the glory that we are OFFICIALLY 3 months away!!!



Ps. Sansa, may be wise to invest in a sword, IMO. Just saying.

Samantha Payne – Producer for Fresh Mornings 

Instagram : @samontheradio

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