Toronto Driver Caught Cleaning Snow Off Her Windshield On Highway

From the files of…. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME?!?!?!

I think most of us are saying UNCLE already with all the snow we have been getting this past week. But with all this snow, we should all be experts with cleaning off our cars in the morning. Right?

This driver apparently didn’t get the memo that clearing off your ENTIRE car is important.

This whole video came to light when a man named Gavin Gerbz posted the video on YouTube this week of the Hyundai SUV having some trouble on the highway. It looks like some snow fell down from the top of their roof and was too heavy to remove with the wipers Then the driver rolled down their window and attempted to brush the snow off the front window WHILE DRIVING ON THE 401!!

Now, the woman has yet to be identified. However, you can see her plates in the video so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.


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