Dad and son wear Elsa dresses for Frozen ‘Let It Go’ dance

I think we all needed this today!

This video has gone viral after proud dad and Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe uploaded the video of himself looking after his 4-year-old son and HUGE Frozen fan Dexter.

Both him and his son are both dressed as Frozen princess Elsa, dancing along to “Let It Go.”

They both seem to have been practicing their dance moves quite a bit.


The viral video has received 20 million views (and counting) on Facebook and 250,000 shares. Many are praising the parenting skills, saying its “parenting unconstrained by gender”.

One of the top comments said: “This is so cool. Children like to play, like to dress up.”

Another added: “Your boy is gonna have a great life, with you as his role model. If i had a father like you, i may not have lived the first 27 years of my life in the closet.”


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