Super Snow Moon Is Here! So What Does That Mean For You?

The moon is a powerful element in our lives. If you think about it…the moon controls tides (water)…we are made up of a lot of water…thus it has an effect on us. Have you ever just felt “off”, perhaps full of emotions, questioning your life…well next time take note of what phase the moon is in.

I have chatted with my friend Lisa from Nine of Water on the show in the past and she has broken down what the Supermoon means for us. Today I messaged her and asked her to break it down for me…This is what she sent over


Today’s Full Moon is helping us realize our potential and those around us. It is helping us to open our selves up , broaden our horizons, and encourage us to open our minds and hearts to something beyond our current reality. But before that happens we must release the insecurities or anger in our beings, tensions in our jaws, powerlessness in our tummies and guilt in our heads. Are you feeling as though you are exploding?! Have you felt that way this past week?! Perfect. Allow it to go! This Super Full Moon is incredibly potent as it falls at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of divinity, potential and limitless opportunities. Zero is the blank canvas of all creation, signaling that this Full Moon is really going to offer infinite potential. Clean Slate dollies! Virgos love challenges. What are you going to put on your canvas? Super Moons occur when the Moon is closer to Earth, and today it will be even closer than last months plus it will be the biggest and brightest of 2019. Get outside! It’s called the ‘Snow Moon,’ a name given to the full moon during the second month of the year based on Indigenous folklore and because it’s the snowiest month of the year. Full Moons are also linked to heightened emotions, that pull us in many different directions. When the moon is fully illuminated it has the ability to draw things out of us, which is why we may also feel tired and lethargic. Use this to your advance, by releasing things that no longer serve us. We can also use this energy to draw things that we desire towards us as well. Imagine a flower in full bloom… it’s not doubting itself, it’s celebrating its magnificent self. You do the same. Full moons bathe our skin in a soft light, while also illuminating the often overlooked crevices of our subconscious, giving us insights into our spirit and soul. What’s coming up for you? Enjoy all of this magnificent light. It’s needed to illuminate our path. We’ve been in the dark for a little while.


Another page I follow described what this Full Moon/Super Moon means


A big thing for the Full Moon – is self care. THIS is a priority! Exercise, rest, quiet time…anything away from chaos or noise is essential. We could all benefit from more of this, but right now it is essential.

Take care of yourselves friends…and enjoy this beautiful moon!


THROWBACK to the Super Blood Wolf Moon – Chatted with Lisa about the Moon AND the eclipse that happened with it

Want to know a little more about Lisa?

Lisa is a lover of life and love. She is a Reiki Master, Crystal Tones Alchemy bowl Sound practitioner, Energy therapist and an oracle of wisdom. In her healing practice she combines different modalities to assist individuals and groups to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential in all life areas: health, relationship, career, abundance and spiritual path. When she is not in practice she run the most serene alchemy boutique in the heart of London, Ontario where she offers specialized ritual tools to assist you on your journey.

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