Firefighter rappels down P.E.I. embankment to rescue frightened dog from ledge

P.E.I. firefighters ably handled an unlikely rescue mission on Tuesday: A frightened dog that had fallen onto a rocky outcropping.

The male dog named Cesar was plucked from a ledge about a dozen metres above the Northumberland Strait in Cumberland, about 25 kilometres south of Charlottetown.

Anson Grant, chief of the North River Volunteer Fire Department, says the pup was preoccupied in chasing foxes when it came too close to the edge of the steep embankment and toppled over to the outcropping about 10 metres below.

The firefighters who responded put up a 12-metre ladder against the sandy cliff, while another volunteer firefighter rappelled from above to put a harness on the dog.

Grant says when they arrived Cesar was anxious but pleased to be hauled back up to safety.

A photo of the contented canine sitting in the fire department vehicle was circulated on social media and the pleased owner was soon located.

The fire chief says the rescue was a useful exercise in using the gear for cliff rescues – a growing risk in the area as steep shorelines are eroding at a rapid pace due to sea level rise.

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