Kate McKinnon appears as presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren in latest 'SNL' cold open

WATCH: SNL spoofs CNN Presidential Town Hall in cold open

The latest Saturday Night Live cold open was a comedic take on a recent CNN forum hosted by anchor Anderson Cooper and featuring Democratic presidential candidates. 

SNL cast member Kate McKinnon donned a pink blazer as she stepped into character as an earnest Elizabeth Warren, while Alex Moffat reprised his role as a platinum-haired Cooper.

Elizabeth Warren wins praise for zinger response to same-sex marriage question

Warren recently made the news for a fast-thinking response to a town hall question that asked her how she would react if a supporter on the campaign trail turned to her and said: “I’m old-fashioned and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Warren’s response at the Thursday night televised town hall had been “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that. And then I’m going to say, then just marry one woman. I’m cool with that.”

McKinnon’s Warren doubled down the zingers Saturday night when she was asked a similar question by an audience member.

“Look I’m going to assume it’s a guy asking that,” she says. “I would say, sir, tell me your bus stop because I want to know where you get off.” 

“What else, what else. If someone doesn’t want to serve gay people at their small business, I bet that’s not the only thing that’s small,” McKinnon joked. 

Trump administration dominates ‘SNL’ cold open

Woody Harrelson also made an appearance, in character as former U.S. vice president Joe Biden.

The real Biden made headlines on Thursday night when he made a joke about how his first public statement, back in 2012, in support of same sex marriage was when he “came out.”

Suited up as Biden, Harrelson cracked jokes along the same vein, saying he “went to bat for marriage equality” before eventually planting a kiss on Moffat’s Cooper.

An audience member asks Harrelson: “How can you defend your past support of don’t-ask-don’t-tell?”

In character as Biden, Harrelson quips: “I’m glad you asked that question, and let me answer you by telling you a false memory.” 

This was a reference to a debate in September, when presidential candidate Julián Castro questioned the real Biden’s memory by asking him “Are you forgetting already what you just said two minutes ago?” 

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