Billie Eilish Looks Back At Early Days Of Her Career In Sneak Peek At Her Upcoming Memoir

Ahead of the release of Billie Eilish’s first-ever book, the superstar is sharing a sneak peek at what fans can expect.

The upcoming photo-filled book Billie Eilish, also has an audiobook version featuring “never-before-told stories and recollections from her personal life and career.”

In the hardcover memoir, Eilish looks back at the early days of her career, including the days after releasing her debut single “Ocean Eyes”.

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“It’s funny, a lot of people think that when ‘Ocean Eyes’ came out, suddenly I was a superstar and quit everything and just became famous. And it’s no, it did not work like that at all,” she said. “My life stayed the same for a while. I was still dancing for hours and hours a day. I was in choir still. I was doing all the same things I did. I was in circus class.”

“In my head, ‘Ocean Eyes’ went viral and it really didn’t at all,” Eilish added. “It got like a couple thousand plays and that was huge to me. But it didn’t like blow up the way that, you know, some things really blow up. But to me, it was huge and it was like the biggest moment in my life.”

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Following the release of “Ocean Eyes”, Eilish embarked on her first tour.

“A lot of this book is so many pictures of periods of time that we’re just like really rough. When I was 14 in a sprinter van and driving all over the country and staying in Motel 6 because we couldn’t afford anything else. And it was totally fine. It was a lot and you have to work that hard to get somewhere. And we did that for a while… And I was so exhausted for so much time and we worked really hard. I got to say, we worked very hard. I really. Did not stop, I kept going and clearly, it did something.”

In the book, Eilish also opens up about her love of photoshoots and how special her fans are.

Billie Eilish hits bookshelves on May 11.

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