Caught on camera: This B.C. moose loves playing tetherball

A family in Chetwynd. B.C., could not figure out why their children’s tetherball pole kept getting knocked down. Now they know. Global BC viewer Collen Simpson captured video of a moose playing tetherball by itself Friday morning in her backyard!

You might have heard of a ball game called “horse” but how about “moose?”

A family in the northeastern B.C. community of Chetwynd got a look at something that might fit that description on Friday and managed to capture it on camera.

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Colleen Simpson’s family has a tetherball pole set up in the backyard, but couldn’t figure out why it kept getting knocked over in recent months.

“This morning I woke up to our local moose playing with the kids’ tetherball,” she told Global News.

“We couldn’t figure out why the pole (was) laying on the ground sometimes but now we know!”

In the video, the moose can be seen enthusiastically batting the ball back and forth around the pole with its head and feet.

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Simpson said the kids were initially suspected to be the culprits, “but turns out it wasn’t their fault.”

No word yet on how well the moose competes in head-to-head (or hoof-to-hoof) play.

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