Four coyotes euthanized after toddler attacked in Stanley Park

BC Conservation Service officers have euthanized four Stanley Park coyotes and are looking for more, after an attack that sent a two-year-old girl to hospital. Jordan Armstrong reports.

A provincial government agency says four coyotes have been euthanized in Vancouver’s Stanley Park following an attack on a toddler earlier this week.

A statement from British Columbia’s Conservation Officer Service says the coyotes were killed Wednesday and early Thursday.

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The statement says one of the animals was found close to the site where the child was bitten on the head and neck at around dusk on Monday.

The Vancouver Park Board said in a social media post that the northeast corner of the urban park has been closed while conservation officers searched for more animals.

Conservation officers say multiple coyotes were involved in a series of recent attacks on humans in several areas of Stanley Park and they will continue to monitor the situation and decide on further action.

The father of the two-year-old scared the coyote away after it pounced, and the girl was treated in hospital for her injuries.

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The conservation service said it is a sign that the usually shy coyotes have lost their fear of humans.

“Efforts are continuing with park rangers, area organizations, the municipality and wildlife biologists to further address and reduce coyote conflicts,” the statement says.

The Stanley Park Ecological Society website tells park visitors never to feed coyotes and to shout, wave their arms or throw rocks or dirt near the animals if they appear curious or begin to approach.

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