Sleep Country Celebrity Sleepover

Sleepovers are awesome, eating cookie dough, watching scary movies and playing truth or dare.

The Energy 95.3 Sleep Country Celebrity Sleepover is even MORE awesome! 

Weekdays on the weeks of:

April 13th

We’ll give you a clue about which celebrity is sleeping over in the Energy 95.3 Studios. 

Then on Friday, let us know who you think it is.  If you’re right, you’ll win a Bloom Mist Mattress and Ploom Pillows from Sleep Country

The Energy 95.3 Sleep Country Celebrity Sleepover, presented by Sleep Country and Energy 95.3!


Clue #1 – This artist’s greatest fears are spiders, snakes, sharks and dying unloved.

Clue #2 – This artist has a minority ownership stake of a major sports team.

Clue #3 – This artist was one of the first victim’s of Ashton Kutcher’s show “PUNKD”

Clue #4 – This artist sang at the Grand Ole Opry at the age of 10.