Arthritis Society’s Diamond Chef Challenge

Join the Arthritis Society for a night of gastronomic eating and mingling while you watch two Chopped Canada constants compete in a live cooking competition. Stacie Royds and Paresh Thakkar will go head to head to make you the best tapas in town and fight for the 2nd annual Diamond Chef Award!

This year’s event will be taking place at the beautiful Art Gallery of Hamilton. As guests of the event you will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the Jean and Ross Fischer Gallery and Lounge, The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Pavilion and have the chance to step outside to visit their Sculpture Garden.

Diamond Chef Cooking Competition:

  • Guests have the opportunity to cast their vote on secret food items to add to chef’s pre-designated pantry items
  • Chefs prepare a 2 to 3 bite size dish live at the event in a timed face-to-face competition
  • Guests taste and vote on “best bite-sized tapas”
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the evening
  • Interactive food stations throughout the event
  • Live entertainment and silent auction